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Vanquish  (304)
Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner
An odourless industrial alkali cleaning gel that removes carbonised and caramelised oils, proteins and fats from ovens.

Pro-Roc  (364)
Professional Rapid Oven Cleaner
A ready to use thin liquid oven cleaner for use through spray applicators. For use on ovens, grills etc.

Ubik 2000  (301)
Universal Cleaner Concentrate
A versatile fragrance-free, multi-surface cleaner designed to clean textured and smooth surfaces that can tolerate alkalis.

Sola-Bac  (319)
Heavy Duty Bactericidal Cleaner
A heavy duty alkali sanitiser and degreaser. Odourless and non-tainting.

Concentrated degreaser for the removal of grease, fats and oils. Ecolabel approved.

DD10  (404)
Concentrated Detergent Degreaser
A concentrated, water based detergent emulsifier. Removes liquid oils and grease from impervious surfaces.

D327  (327)
High Foam Cleaner & Sanitiser
An industrial high foam alkali detergent and sanitiser. D327 produces a dense foam that clings to vertical surfaces.


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