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Magnum Force Extra  (313)
Heavy Duty Traffic Film Remover
A super-concentrated, odourless alkali detergent for pressure washing heavily soiled vehicles and equipment.

Truck Wash 80  (307)
Truck Wash
A water based alkali detergent for use in commercial pressure washing equipment to remove traffic film.

Magnum Force  (305)
Traffic Film Remover
A concentrated odourless alkali detergent for universal traffic film removal from vehicles, using pressure washer equipment.

Non-Caustic 333  (321)
Caustic Free Traffic Film Remover
A concentrated, non-caustic traffic film remover for use through pressure washing equipment. For all types of vehicle.

TFR & Polish  (316)
Traffic Film Remover with Polish
A specialist alkali detergent for removing traffic film from vehicles and leaving a water repellent finish.

Activ F  (403)
Neutral Detergent Cleaner
A high foam mild car shampoo for regular use by hand. Free-rinsing and wax friendly formula.


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