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Actifoam  (410)
Foam Boosting Shampoo
A concentrated, foam-boosting additive for automatic car washing machines. Creates a dense stable foam.

Wax Rinse  (901)
Concentrated Wax Rinse
A super-concentrated water-dilutable rinse additive for automatic vehicle washing machines. Creates a shiny beading finish

Tar & Glue Remover  (704)
Tar & Glue Remover
A professional use solvent to remove tar spots and adhesive residues (for use on solvent-resistant surfaces).

Viro-Sol  (326)
Citrus Based Cleaner/Degreaser
A versatile multi-surface citrus cleaner for smooth and textured surfaces, with ultimate performance in use.

Comet  (306)
Carpet Cleaner
A fragrant low foam detergent for use on water washable colourfast fabrics, through spray extraction equipment.

Brite  (701)
Glass Cleaner
A ready-to-use high purity glass, mirror and surface cleaner. Non-residual action for gymnasium equipment.


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