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Car Polish
A viscous, silicone polishing cream for new and nearly new vehicles. Easy to apply and burnish to a gloss.

Used Car Polish
A viscous, silicone renovating polish for faded vehicle paintwork. Easily burnishes to a gloss finish.

Alloy Wheel Cleaner
A professional use, concentrated acidic cleaner for the removal of brake dust and heavy soiling from alloy wheels

Tyre & Rubber Dressing
A silicone-free, low-odour tyre, bumper and vinyl dressing to create a high gloss and water resistant finish.

Renovator for plastic, vinyl & Rubber
A low-odour, solvent based silicone dressing to produce a "new look" satin finish on tyres.

Screenwash Additive
A concentrated, water dilutable screen wash additive for vehicle washer bottles, which produces a clear and smear free finish.

Neutral Shampoo with Wax
A mild, dilutable emulsion for regular vehicle cleaning by hand. The free-rinsing formula produces a spot free finish.

Glass Polish
A specialist glass cleaning cream containing solvent and abrasives for effective removal of flies, paint, nicotine and adhesive.

HD Upholstery & Interior Cleaner
A concentrated, controlled foam, water-based cleaner and brightener for automotive fabrics. For professional use through extraction equipment.

Interior Trim Cleaner
A ready-to-use clean and shine polish, which cleans and polishes in one application.


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