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Laundry Detergent  (405)
Liquid Laundry Detergent
A fragrant, concentrated, non-biological liquid detergent. The controlled foam and balanced pH formula is ideal for all dispensing equipment.

Fabric Conditioner  (421)
Fabric Conditioner
A fragrant, liquid, conditioning additive that softens and freshens, creating an easy to iron finish on fabrics.

LED3065  (471)
Laundry Enzyme Destainer
An enzyme based laundry destainer that acts on: greasy/fatty stains, protein stains, milk, blood, egg yolk, grass, cocoa, starch based stains.

Laundry Destainer  (210)
Laundry Destaining Liquid
A low-foam liquid stain remover for use in conjunction with laundry detergent on chlorine safe fabrics (manual or automatic use).

Laundry Boost  (324)
Laundry Boost
A powerful alkali liquid additive to improve the cleaning and destaining performance of laundry wash systems.

Salgon  (521)
Laundry Rinse Additive
A specialist liquid acidic rinse additive to remove metallic mineral deposits and recondition fabrics.

Starch Solution  (429)
Gentle hold starch solution
A solution of starch designed for use In all commercial laundries to give gentle hold to fabrics.

Laundry Sanitiser  (238)
Specialist Sanitiser Additive
A specialist additive to control bacteria within the laundry process. Designed for use through the ULTRA MARSAN dosage system.


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