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Scrub Kleen  (308)
Low Foam Cleaner
An odourless heavy duty low foam detergent for use through scrubber drier machines.

Ubik 2000  (301)
Universal Cleaner Concentrate
A versatile fragrance-free, multi-surface cleaner designed to clean textured and smooth surfaces that can tolerate alkalis.

DD10  (404)
Concentrated Detergent Degreaser
A concentrated, water based detergent emulsifier. Removes liquid oils and grease from impervious surfaces.

Spirit  (350)
Fragrant Multi-Surface Cleaner
A fresh fragrant multi-surface cleaner for daily use, leaving a satin finish on all surfaces.

Ultraviolet  (810)
Perfumed Cleaner & Disinfectant
A neutral bactericidal cleaner and disinfectant with a fresh violet fragrance.

Defoamer  (445)
Concentrated Defoaming Agent
A specialised de-foaming agent to be added to liquid recovery tanks on cleaning machines.


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