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Auto Glasswash  (318)
Premium Auto Glasswash Detergent
A concentrated non-foaming, high purity glasswashing detergent for use with automatic machines in bars and cafes.

Rinse Aid  (407)
Premium Rinse Aid Additive
This additive ensures fast and spot-free drying of glassware, crockery and cutlery in automatic machines.

Glassi  (328)
Machine Glasswash Detergent
A machine glasswash detergent that removes stains and soiling, leaving glassware sparkling.

Rinsi  (451)
Machine Rinse Additive
A rinse additive for all automatic dish and glass washing machines. Suitable for use through automatic.

Clarifi  (369)
Drinking Glass Renovator
A specialist detergent for use in automatic glass- washing machines to clean and restore the appearance of drinking glasses.


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