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2 x 5L
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Moisturising Hand Soap

Clover ECO-SOAP has been formulated to comply with the standards set for an EU Ecolabel Product. The EU Ecolabel standards set strict limits on the amount/type of packaging used and the ingredients used within the formulation.
Clover ECO-SOAP contains ingredients made from responsibly sourced Palm Oil.
Clover ECO-SOAP is an Ecolabel hand soap ideal for regular use in a wide variety of areas such as health clubs, hotels, changing rooms, offices, etc.
A clear, green hand soap that has been consumer tested, Clover ECO-SOAP will leave hands feeling moisturised and freshly cleaned/fragranced after use. Clover ECO-SOAP is suitable for all skin types.
EU Ecolabel: UK/030/033
To help reduce the amount of waste plastic packaging, Clover ECO-SOAP is also available in 5 Litres as a stand alone product or as a re-fill pack.
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