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Building on the fundamental knowledge gained in Intermediate I, this course moves on to product areas where a greater level of technical understanding is needed in order to select the correct products and solve problems. Through presentations, demonstrations and interactive discussions, Intermediate II will equip you and your sales team with the know-how and confidence to deal with more complex product ranges and situations, giving your business a competitive advantage.

 Food Hygiene
  • HACCP, due diligence and Food Hygiene Legislation.
  • Product selection for food preparation areas.
  • Effective cleaning and disinfection in food establishments.
  • Product compatibility in the Clover Food Hygiene range.
  • The Cleaning Schedule: essential document and useful sales tool.
 Products for the Care Industry
  • Effective cleaning and disinfection.
  • Bactericidal test standards explained.
  • Product analysis: features and benefits.
  • Providing a total hygiene system for the care industry.
 Leisure sector opportunities
  • Products with major sales potential in leisure establishments. 
  • Safe and effective poolside cleaning.
  • Gymnasium, sauna and jacuzzi cleaning.
  • A complete system for cleaning in the leisure sector.
 Environmental Product Range
  • European ECO Flower and TRECOS
  • Environmental issues in using and handling cleaning products.
  • How to present a core range of green products to end users.
  • Environmental matters explained.
  • Understanding the true environmental cost "Total carbon footprint"


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