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An essential foundation course that will equip you with the necessary knowledge of products, cleaning situations and problems that sales people are expected to deal with on a daily basis. Covering four important product categories that are needed in almost every type of establishment, Foundation I includes technical explanation and practical demonstrations of products in each category. This will enable you to optimise the performance of products in demonstrations and display technical knowledge that will impress your customers and improve sales results.

 Modern Floorcare
  • Reasons for polishing, stripping and maintaining floors.
  • Selecting suitable floorcare products.
  • Clover floorcare products: features and benefits.
  • Modern floorcare solutions: alternative product selections and problem-solving.
 Hard Surface Cleaners Explained
  • Why stock so many Hard Surface Cleaners? 
  • The performance characteristics of multi-surface cleaning products.
  • Selecting the correct product for each application. 
  • Clover Hard Surface Cleaners: features, benefits and performance.
 Effective Washroom Hygiene
  • Types of washroom cleaning problems.
  • Toilet and washroom deep-cleaning.
  • Effective daily washroom maintenance. 
  • Products for excellent washroom hygiene.
  • Eliminating odour problems.
  • Simplistic and safe product usage. 
  • Products for effective regular cleaning.
  • Clover housekeeping products: characteristics and analysis.
  • Visual performance: the demonstration.


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