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Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals
Regulatory (EC) Number 1907 (2006)


Clover Chemicals Ltd can confirm that our suppliers of raw materials are in full compliance with the REACH legislation.
In line with REACH, which came into force across the EU in June 2007, our suppliers have carried out the necessary pre-registration of chemical substances used in Clover products.
This pre-registration is only applicable to Substances (the name used by REACH for chemical raw materials).  
The products produced by Clover Chemicals are Preparations (blends of substances) and therefore do not need to be pre-registered themselves as part of REACH.   
In line with CEFICs recommendation, Clover Chemicals Ltd has decided not to communicate pre-registration numbers since a pre-registration number alone is not sufficient to guarantee compliance for the chemical substances we purchase within REACH.
Clover Chemicals will continue to liaise with suppliers to ensure that they comply to the registration requirements set out by REACH for the coming years.
Download Clover REACH Statement here


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