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A highly specialist training course for sales staff who look after dishwashing and laundry accounts, as well as distributors wishing to develop sales in this area. System II provides a thorough explanation of Clover’s dishwashing, glasswashing and laundry systems, detailing the chemicals, dispensers, the role of the distributor and that of Clover Chemicals. The course also gives helpful guidance on the art of selling these systems and organising their installation and on-going maintenance.

 The Bar and Catering Sector
  • The Clover range of dish- and glasswashing chemicals: features and benefits.
  • The Ultra Wash and Micro-Time dispensers.
  • Effective front-of-house cleaning.
  • Other market opportunities in the bar and catering sector. 
 System Selling Explained
  • The sales approach/strategy.
  • Organising successful installations.
  • Dispenser calibration and programming.
  • On-going maintenance and problem solving.
 Laundry Chemicals and Dispensers
  • The Clover range of laundry chemicals: features and benefits.
  • The Ultra Care and Ultra Marsan dispensers.
  • Benefits of the Clover laundry management system.
  • Sales approach leading with a laundry system.
 Dispenser Programming and Control
  • Practical ‘hands-on’ training with Ultra Wash, Ultra Care, Ultra Marsan and Ultra Flow units.


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