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Designed to follow on from the Intermediate courses, Systems I gives helpful instruction in providing customers with a complete cleaning system for their establishment. The course looks at Cloverís dilution and dosing systems and their respective features and benefits. There is also a section on the art of staff training, including a simplistic system utilising colour coding and EU pictograms to overcome any potential language barrier. The knowledge gained from this course will enable you to offer customers a more complete service, increasing your chances of winning new accounts. 

 Delivering Staff Induction Training
  • Why should your business offer staff induction training?
  • Understanding COSHH.
  • How to format staff induction training. 
  • Practical training exercise - Each delegate will be involved in a simple induction training session.
 Ultra Blend 1 & 4
  • Dilution control systems.
  • Ultra Blend 1 & 4 features and benefits.
  • Environmental and safety benefits.
  • Installation of the Ultra Blend 1 & 4 system.
  • Products available for use via the Ultra Blend 1 & 4 system.
 Ultra Dose
  • Providing simple, economical cleaning systems.
  • Ultra Dose features and benefits.
  • The environmental credentials of Ultra Dose.
  • The UB range of super-concentrated products.
 The 'IT' Range - Colour coded system
  • Effective daily cleaning with a simplistic product range.
  • The benefits of colour-coding.
  • Simplifying staff training with the use of pictograms.
  • Overcoming the language barrier: Cloverís multi-lingual training aids.


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