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The Clover Training Academy equips distributors with the product knowledge and skills needed to increase sales and profitability!


Whether you need to learn vital product and industry knowledge, or you simply want to refresh your knowledge and gain some new ideas, Clover Chemicals Ltd invite you to their free Distributor Training Academy to help to give your business a boost.

Training is held monthly at Clover House in Derbyshire, is free of charge and is open to the employees of all Clover Chemicals distributors.


Training Dates

Date Course Status
Tuesday 26th January Effective Spaces Available
Wednesday 27th January Essential Spaces Available
Thursday 28th January Sustainable Spaces Available
Tuesday 9th March Developing Spaces Available
Wednesday 10th March Sustainable Spaces Available
Thursday 11th March Effective Spaces Available
Tuesday 20th April Essential Spaces Available
Wednesday 21st April Effective Spaces Available
Thursday 22nd April Developing Spaces Available
Tuesday 22nd June Effective Spaces Available
Wednesday 23rd June Essential Spaces Available
Thursday 24th June Sustainable Spaces Available
Tuesday 7th September Developing Spaces Available
Wednesday 8th September Sustainable Spaces Available
Thursday 9th September Effective Spaces Available
Tuesday 9th September Essential Spaces Available
Wednesday 10th September Effective Spaces Available
Thursday 11th September Developing Spaces Available

To book places, please contact our sales office on 01663 733 114.
Places are limited, so you are advised to book early to avoid disappointment!



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